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Motion Activated Light Bulb, A19, 650 Lumens, 3000K

The easiest way to have instant-on light – even when you’re nowhere near the light switch! With a built-in photocell and motion detector all you have to do is replace your existing bulb with our Motion Activated bulb and then leave the switch in the on position! When the sensor detects movement the light will come on. If there’s enough ambient light in the space the bulb is smart enough to know you don’t need it and will not activate. After 3 minutes of no activity the light will turn off ensuring you’re only using (and paying for) the light you need! Perfect for basements, garages, closets, utility rooms and storage facilities


Input: 8.2 Watts
Output: 650 Lumens That's comparable to a 50-watt incandescent bulb. That's an 85% energy savings!
Lifespan: 40,000 hours Under normal residential usage, that's almost 16 years*
Color Temperature: 3000K A Warm look that is comparable to traditional incandescent light bulbs.
CRI: 80 CRI is a measurement of color accuracy. This is why the color of some items purchased in a store look different in daylight. The closer this number is to 100 the truer the color representation. 80 is a good number for everyday tasks.
RoHs Compliant That means that unlike Fluorescent products, there's no hazardous Mercury inside!
Beam angle: 110 degrees
NO UV Emissions
Limited 5 Year Warranty

*Residential lifespan based on 7 hours of usage per day.

Ohyama Lights

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Additional Information

Dimensions (LxWxH) 2.76 x 2.76 x 5.12 Inches
Color No
Weight (lbs) 0.3520
Model # LDA19L8-650-W120-M
Capacity N/A
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